Saturday, February 13, 2010

Walking with the Lord

In our world today everything moves at such a fast pace.There are constantly different tasks presenting themselves to be completed. Many times I find myself wondering how I will be able to handle everything that needs to be done and still find the time to spend time with the Lord and follow his command to put Him first in my life and to learn of Him.

Years ago someone asked a prominent Pastor of a large church how he managed to find the time for daily devotions. His answer was that he had so much to do, there wasn't any way he would be able to accomplish it if he didn't start his day with the Lord in devotions

That gave me sound advice. Putting God first daily, will put everything else where it should be. Getting up a little earlier to make your time with the Lord the first appointment on your daily calendar will be the best investment of time that you can make.

The Lord knows that not only do you need that time to focus on Him and His plan for you and your family, but that because you have focused your day on Him - the other commitments you have will be easier to meet as you draw on the strength recieved during that morning time throughout the rest of the day.

Hands for Him,

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