Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Summary of Serving

If you go back and look through the last two articles about serving the Lord, you will be able to pull out some very interesting and useful information from the scriptures given there.
I thought a summary of those articles would help to make it a little clearer.

I'll start off with preparing your heart for service to Him. How can you do that? It must be done the same way that every other servant down through the ages have. It begins at the foot of the cross.
Here is how:
  1. You are to realize and admit that you sin. You have committed wrongful acts against the One who created you.
  2. You must 'repent', which means to turn and go the other direction from those sins, or to stop the sins that you are aware of that you have done. Because no one is perfect - all have sinned.
  3. You must ask Jesus, God's only son, to come live in your heart to become your Lord and Saviour. That means that Jesus is the only one who can save you. He is the one who saves you from eternal separation from your Creator, he saves you from having to be in the awful presence of Satan forever.
There is no other way you can be forgiven of your sin. You must also ask him to become your Lord. This means to ask Jesus to be the Master or 'Boss' of your life.
This is the only way to prepare your heart to serve the God of all Creation.

The second part, once you have willingly become God's servant, is: How does God expect you to serve Him?
After you have become the servant of the God of Creation, you must begin to study your 'job description'.
 It is found within the Masters' employee manual: The Holy Bible.

When you begin to read, you'll find that God does not leave you to guess what he requires of his servants. He is very specific.
You are to serve Him:
  1. With gladness and praise
  2. Serve Him completely and willingly in mind and heart.
  3. You are not to be lazy in your service, but diligent, working hard to serve Him in the way He wants to be served.
  4. Always you are to submit to his leadership. Doing what He knows is best, not what you think will work in your life.
  5. You are to come together regularly with other servants to get a better understanding of His thoughts and commands, and to encourage each other in the work set before you.
  6. Remember to serve  always with reverence, which is holy awe, and godly fear of how He brought you out from under the power Satan had over your life and soul.
  7. God requires you to be faithful to him.
  8. the last part of the job description goes a little further into your faithfulness; saying that you are not to be a servant to any other Master but Him. Doing your job, your daily serving of Him with an eager anticipation of His every command.
Remember always, your attitude is very important to God. He will not make you serve Him, as I said before.

The list above may seem a little harsh to some, hard for you to do. Remember this: Jesus has said that He himself will never leave you or forsake you. He is there for you to call on when you need help with your job. If you run into any problem, or if you just need assurance that you are right. He will come to your side. It is a promise you will find over and over again in your manual, the Bible. "I will never leave you or forsake you."

You are His, bought from Satan with Jesus' own blood and body. And you are more than servants, for when you willingly asked Him to come in and be your Lord and Saviour, He adopted you as His child. You were given all the rights and priviledges that come with being a child of the Creator of the Universe, but also with all the responsibility of being children of the Creator as well. You are an heir to His Kingdom.

It is a wonderful thing to be known as a child of the King of all Kings, the one who is Lord of all lords. To know that he cares about your every need, and is watching over you as a mother does her child.

It is much more than a job description; it is a rite of passage. One that will take you into the eternal kingdom of God. It is my hope that you study it well and accept it as yours.

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