Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Fear covering

My last post was on Satan coming in under the cover of doubt to hinder you in your service of the Lord. But it can hinder every part of your life. Doubt, left unchecked opens the door for other terrorist activities such as fear.

First you are attacked by doubt: Should I really do this? Can I do this? What made me think that God wanted me to do this? While you are in that weakened state, fear comes in and the mind stops thinking rationally.

God has known this from the beginning and this is why you will see him in His word, encourage us not to be afraid. It was the first words spoken by the angel Gabriel to Zacharias the priest the day he came to tell him that his prayers for a child had been answered.

Fear not. Two simple words that are so very hard to obey. Yet Gabriel  repeated those words to everyone that God sent him to speak with concerning the birth of Christ and the events that were to precede it.

Today God tells us the same. Fear not. Maybe not through the visible presence of an angel, but through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit who was sent to strengthen us and teach us of the Father.

Mary and Joseph were human beings just like you and I. They had no supernatural holy power of themselves that made it any easier for them to choose to obey the command to fear not. Yet they chose to take that first step of faith and trust God to be God.

My prayer for you this Christmas is that you will be able to trust the Holy Spirit and choose to "Fear not", to allow God to do wonderful things in your life. Mary and Joseph did. It is a conscious choice that must be made on a daily basis by everyone of us. 

May you have a blessed and peaceful Christmas.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Under Cover of Doubt

You hear much about terrorist today. Everyone is uneasy, not sure what the future might hold. As Christians we are used to terrorist activity. Satan has used these tactics for a long long time. He comes in under many disguises. One of the most successful is the cover or disguise of doubt.

This one can be your greatest enemy because once inside, it will open the door for other enemies to come into your mind. That is your battlefield as one author so aptly put it. But doubt can only enter and grow if you allow it. It will make insinuations that there is nothing you can do about the situation. That you are helpless to the circumstances that surround you. Do not believe it. The Christian is never helpless unless he fails to call on the power of his heavenly Father. But Satan will try to make you think that you are.

How do you break free of this undercover terrorist? By using the weapons that God has given to you. The sword of truth, the Holy Bible, will cut away the disguise of Satan and will leave him open to the eye of faith.
Shine the light of God's word and the reasoning of a mind trained in the ways of God and Satan will not be so quick as to confront you head on with doubt. A word of caution here: he will not leave you entirely, but his power to harm will be greatly reduced once you see him for what he is.

Remember that the price of freedom from doubt is being always on the watch for it, and never allow it to take a hold in your mind. The scripture says for us not to 'give place' to the devil. Don't give him a place to work in your life.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

An Undercover Enemy

I have been thinking more the past few months about terrorist, I am sure it is because of the extensive coverage that the national news media has been giving them lately. Although our Lord has commanded us not to fear man or what man can do to us, I admit that it is a little scary at times what could possibly happen in our country.
But I am reminded that I am not to dwell on what might happen any more than I am to dwell on what might have been. My Lord tells me to live today in the light of His word and to cast all my cares on Him. That is what I am learning to do -- day by day.

Since the spiritual and the physical are so intertwined in the Christians' life, the threat of physical terrorist, made me think of the spiritual terrorist that we fight on a daily basis. It is Satan and his demons that are constantly coming in under cover to kill and to steal. But just as the Lord tells me not to fear man, he tells me to trust Him with this battle as well. He helps me to identify some of the covers that Satan uses. In the next few blog post I thought I would share some of the things that I have been shown through the guidance of the Spirit and the Word. Identifying these will help us as mothers and wives to be able to teach our children the way to counteract spiritual terrorist in our homes, and in each of their lives.

This is so important in the perilous times that we live in. Our children need to know what the Bible says. Church is not just a building that we go to on Sunday--we are the living church. the body of Christ. We must teach them how to defend themselves. To do that we must know how ourselves. Join me on my next post for
The Cover of Doubt

God Bless