Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lighting the way VS cluttering the path

At work this past week I made the statement to one of my co-workers that I didn't understand how anyone could make it day to day without knowing God. I know that I would not like to try. She was quick to give me an answer. Three words: drugs, alcohol, and bitterness. and then the conversation began. She told me that she had not tried this 'Christian stuff' long. She had an aunt who was a Christian, and she seemed to be happy all the time like I was. (talking about me) She went on to say that she and her mother thought that when her uncle died her aunt would stop being so happy. They thought she would begin to grow angry and bitter. It surprised them both when she didn't.

 I told her that it was because as a Christian, her aunt knew her husband was with God. Her response was," Yeh that's what she said". I told her that her aunt's grief was a natural thing. Of course she would be sad, it was only natural to miss her husband, but if a person is truely a child of God, as it seemed her aunt was, the grief she had for her husband would not turn to bitterness. The Lord is there to comfort his own children through these times.

 More and more each day I realize I am being watched by those around me. Others are watching to see how I will react to not just the low times in my life, but also the happy times. As the gospel is being removed from public places: ie: prayer in schools, scripture from public buildings, mention of God in public gatherings, we as children of God are fast becoming the only light that the lost will be able to see.  Are we giving them enough light that they will be able to come to Jesus?

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