Monday, November 16, 2009

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It is not always easy finding a way to combine a busy lifestyle with the responsibilities that we have as God's children. Finding the time to teach our children the importance of getting into God's word daily can be one of these challenges.

One way of doing this is to make a practice of taking one of the many Proverbs that are so relevant to every person's life and having a short "What do you think he means?" time in the morning.

Proverbs is filled with common sense one or two line lessons to live by. Pick out one the night before and put some thought into the meaning so that you will be ready in the morning to guide the discussion over breakfast. Open your Bible and read the verse to the children. Using this time will give the children time to think about it as they munch on cereal, or other breakfast fare. As it fixes into their minds the Word of God for the day. You can start this as early an age as having your children in their high chairs for breakfast. They may not understand the conversation at that age, but their minds are taking in the "book" that you are opening, and as they mature this will be as natural as eating breakfast becomes; helping them to realize that the Bible is a book that applies to their lives daily and not just on "Sunday". There is always time to do the things that are necessary to life. Making time to teach God's word may take some imagination, but with the effort on your part the rewards for you and your family will be great in the life eternal.

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Olotu Ebenezer said...

O yes it is very important.Though i haven't married i think what you are trying to say is getting clearer to me.
Parents need to furnish their children in the way of God so that they may not depart from it.
It is always easy from childhood, and i am thanking God for giving me Parents like that.